Arshad Nadeem shines with silver medal in World Athletics Championship

LAHORE   -  Arshad Nadeem, the javelin throw sensation from Pakistan, secured a silver medal in the javelin throw competition at the World Athletics Championship on Sunday, show­casing his prowess with a remark­able 87.82-meter throw. 

In a groundbreaking achieve­ment, Arshad Nadeem etched his name in the history as he secured  Pakistan’s first-ever medal in the World Athletics Champi­onship. The journey to this re­markable achievement wasn’t devoid of challenges. Com­mencing with a 74.80-meter effort, Arshad faced an ini­tial setback. Undeterred, he mounted an impressive come­back, propelling the javelin to a noteworthy 82.81 meters on his second attempt. Displaying unwavering determination, his fourth throw covered a dis­tance of 87.12 meters, though falling slightly short of his am­bitious target. 

Pakistan cricketer Shadab Khan took the lead in congratulating Pa­kistani hero Arshad Nadeem on tweeter. He tweeted: “The entire country salutes you Arshad Na­deem. I just want to say, I am your fan. May u always stay blessed.” Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab and cricketer Wahab Riaz tweet­ed: “Pakistan’s Javelin superstar Arshad Nadeem will be competing in World Athletics Championship Javelin Event Final Today at 11 pm onwards. Sports Department Punjab, Commissioner Lahore Di­vision and Bank of Punjab are ar­ranging a special screening of the final at Liberty Round About. Come and Support our Hero, Ar­shad Make us Proud.” Pakistan women cricketer Javeria Khan also felicitated the hero through her twitter handle, saying, “Arshad Na­deem has written this success sto­ry himself by his sheer hardwork without strong backing. People like Arshad remind us and the sys­tem time and again that if we in­vest where it is needed, then there is no one stopping us. Arshad is a league of his own. Time to give him, what he deserves. Thank you for raising Pakistan’s flag high and higher. Respect.” 

Meanwhile, Neeraj Chopra of India continued to demon­strate his exceptional form, add­ing the World Athletics Cham­pionships gold to his Olympic triumph in Budapest. Neeraj’s throw of 88.17 meters in his sec­ond attempt reaffirmed his Mi­das touch in the arena. 

Throughout the competition, Neeraj’s performance radiat­ed excellence. Overcoming a misstep in his initial attempt, he consistently exceeded the 84-meter mark in subsequent throws. His sequence of throws included a foul, followed by dis­tances of 88.17, 86.32, 84.64, and 87.73 meters, highlighting his exceptional command over the event. 

It is worth mentioning here that Arshad Nadeem’s jour­ney to prominence commenced with his impressive fifth-place finish at the Tokyo Olympics. Building on this momentum, Arshad secured another fifth-place achievement at the World Championship held in the Unit­ed States the preceding year. His prowess continued to shine as he etched his name into the record books of the Common­wealth Games, setting a remark­able throw of 90.18 meters that secured him the coveted gold medal in Birmingham. 

However, his path to success was not without its hurdles. Af­ter a series of remarkable ac­complishments, Arshad Nadeem faced a setback that required elbow and left knee surgeries while in London. Dedication and resilience marked his recovery period, allowing him to make a triumphant return to the field. 

Demonstrating his enduring spirit, he participated in the 34th National Games in Quetta during May, clinching a gold medal for his departmental team, Wapda.

Azhar Khan is an accomplished senior sports journalist with extensive experience in the field. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @azharmasood786

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