KARACHI   -  International Packaging Films Limited (IPAK), a packaging firm known for producing high-quality packaging films, has taken sustainability to a new level by incorporating a specialized combo heat recovery system at power plants in a bid to cut down on carbon emissions.

Having become a major player in the packaging industry in a short amount of time with a focus on maintaining and enhancing the quality of its products, IPAK has adopted a number of practices targeted to control the damaging effects on the environment as much as possible. The most significant initiative taken to conserve and ensure responsible utilization of resources is the installation of a complex and creatively engineered heat recovery system at its power plants, installed in collaboration with Pakistan’s leading engineering enterprise, Descon and IPAK’s value-driven engineering team. The special design of Combo Thermal Oil & Hot Water Waste Heat Recovery System utilizes the residual heat of 3300 KW from jacket water and 3000 KW from exhaust of three gas engines to heat the thermal oil (essentially required in the process) and in absorption cooling. The heat contents from exhaust and from jacket water are being dumped back into the systemwhich otherwise could have caused an environmental imbalance.

Owing to this initiative, the fuel consumption has been reduced significantly thus, leading to a reduction in flue gas production. This trigeneration facility has also elevated the overall system efficiency to 90% while contributing to the economy by reducing gas consumption of thermal oil heater by about 50% and electric consumption through enhanced absorption cooling by 950 tons.

Alongside reducing harmful emissions, waste materials and chemical consumption are being monitored and reduced. To conserve power, all plant motors are set on VFD (Variable-Frequency Drive) mode and all machines are operated at high efficiencies. Moreover, chilling and heating units/machines are fully insulated to avoid any energy loss. The company has also adopted a paperless environment owing to an efficient use of modern technology.

Commenting on these initiatives taken to promote eco-friendliness, Naveed Godil, CEO, International Packaging Films Limited (IPAK) said, “At IPAK, we make sure that everything, from processing to our products, is in line with global standards in terms of quality, as well as, sustainability. We are committed to making our premises, an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible entity; by reducing our ecological footprint and controlling thermal pollution. The reduce, reuse, recycle phenomenon is a part of our training to ensure that our eco-friendly SOPs are followed by all members of staff.”