Russia-US talks on security guarantees may take place on Jan 10

Moscow previously urged Washington to start the talks as soon as possible to stop further escalation.
The negotiations between Russia and the United States regarding security guarantees may take place on 10 January, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated on Tuesday.

"I can confirm that these dates are being considered, but there is no final agreement", Ryabkov said.
The Russian diplomat mentioned that Moscow has sent proposals about the agenda of negotiations to Washington but the US is talking about some abstract matters.
"Now we see references to unnamed representatives of the US administration that they imply a discussion of both Ukraine and arms control. What is arms control? This is some kind of abstraction", Ryabkov said, adding that Moscow believes the draft agreements "presented by Russia" should be discussed.

He noted it is also important that the military is included in the upcoming talks.
In the meantime, reports have suggested that after the Russia-US talks, a meeting between NATO and Russia will be held on 12 January.

During the negotiations, the sides are expected to discuss the security guarantee proposals, published by Moscow earlier this month.

The draft documents included limits to troop, warship, and aircraft deployments, as well as a proposal to avoid placing intermediate- and short-range missiles where they might threaten either party to the deal.
The deal also suggests that NATO provide guarantees of non-expansion into Ukrainian territory, and cancel military cooperation with the former Soviet republics.

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