NATO, Western countries begin arm supplies to Ukraine

NATO and Western countries have agreed to send military aid to Ukraine as its faces the fifth day of Russian attacks.

NATO countries will send thousands of anti-tank and hundreds of air defense missiles to Ukraine, as well as ammunition.

Also, EU countries approved for Ukraine arm supplies worth €450 million ($503 million) and protective equipment worth €50 million ($55 million).

Another important decision of the EU is to support the Ukrainian army with fighter jets and fuel.


The US will provide Ukraine with $350 million in arm supplies, including anti-tank weapons.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken approved the move. With this, the US support to Ukraine in the last year has exceeded $1 billion.


The UK, which delivered anti-tank missiles to Ukraine in January, decided to provide an additional military support package covering lethal and non-lethal category defense weapons.


In addition to small arms, the Swedish government will provide Ukraine with 5,000 AT4 anti-tank weapons, 5,000 steel vests, 5,000 military helmets and food for 135,000 soldiers.


Germany demonstrated its military aid support to Ukraine by providing 5,000 anti-tank and 500 Stinger missiles, as well as 5,000 helmets.


France will provide fuel aid to Ukraine as well as military equipment support.

As part of NATO, France will send 500 soldiers and armored vehicles to Ukraine's neighbor Romania, and four Mirage 2000 model warplanes to Estonia.

France will also send 200-250 soldiers to Estonia.

Putin ordered the military intervention on Thursday, days after recognizing two separatist-held enclaves in eastern Ukraine.

At least 368,000 Ukrainians have fled to Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and other countries since then, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

In the wake of the attack, Western nations have also imposed harsh financial sanctions on Moscow.

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