Turbat’s stadium

I want to draw the attention of the government and concern the authorities toward the district Turbat which lacks a stadium.

Health is a priceless blessing of God which we maintain through sports. Regular sport not only makes us physically healthy but helps us to seek out things more clearly, boost creativity and man­age the stress that seems to dom­inate our day. Any struggle and challenges we might be facing seem to be smaller to us because it makes us fresh and protects us from sadness and gloom. It helps us to build self-confidence. Sport makes us strong to celebrate vic­tory and prepare for defeat.

One study of Harvard alumni found that every hour spent on exercise added three hours to the participants’ lives. It makes the player happy and allows them to live their lives fully in the pres­ent moment. But unfortunate­ly, the citizens of Turbat are de­prived to play outdoor games.

I request the government to start the construction of a stadium for the sake of citizens to get the opportunities to be fit and healthy. Your investment might return the best result in fitness.



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