3rd President of Pakistan Polo Cup (National Open Polo Championship) Finale: DS Polo win opener

The prestigious 3rd President of Pakistan Polo Cup (National Open Championship) Finale 2024, kicked off with flair at the Jinnah Polo Fields on Wednesday. Sponsored by leading financial institutions Askari Bank, Habib Metro Bank, and Faysal Bank, the tournament's opener saw DS Polo claiming victory over Master Paints/Diamond Paints with a score of 10-7. 

The event, hailed as a highlight on Pakistan's polo calendar, features top-tier teams including DS Polo, Master Paints/Diamond Paints, BN Polo, and FG Polo, each boasting international talent among their ranks. Major Ali Taimur (retd), Secretary of Jinnah Polo Fields, expressed his pride in hosting the championship at what he described as ‘Pakistan's largest polo club’. He also extended heartfelt thanks to the event's sponsors for their pivotal role in bringing this esteemed tournament to life. 

The clash between DS Polo and Master Paints/Diamond Paints was a showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. English player Maxwell Charlton and Nico Roberts were the stars for DS Polo, scoring six and four goals respectively. Their opponents saw Juan Zubiaurre leading the charge with five goals, supported by Raja Temur Nadeem's two-goal contribution. 

The opening chukker set the tone for an evenly matched contest, with both teams demonstrating skill and determination. However, DS Polo edged out slightly ahead, securing a narrow 3-2 lead in the first chukker. The momentum firmly shifted in favor of DS Polo during the second chukker, where their exceptional gameplay shone, allowing them to net three consecutive goals and extend their lead to a commanding 6-2. 

Continuing their dominant streak into the third chukker, DS Polo effortlessly added another trio of goals to their tally, further widening the gap to 9-3, despite a solitary goal from Master Paints/Diamond Paints. The fourth chukker saw a spirited fightback from Master Paints/Diamond Paints, who managed to slot in three goals in quick succession, narrowing the deficit to 9-6. 

The final and crucial fifth chukker commenced with DS Polo strengthening their position with an early goal, pushing the score to 10-6. Undeterred, Master Paints/Diamond Paints mounted several aggressive offensives towards DS Polo's goal. Despite their efforts, they were only able to materialize one goal, concluding the match with a 10-7 victory for DS Polo.  

The match was expertly overseen by field umpires Nico Scortichini and Mark John Holmes. The tournament continues on Thursday (February 29, 2024), with FG Polo set to face BN Polo in what promises to be another exciting encounter of the prestigious polo event of the country.

Azhar Khan is an accomplished senior sports journalist with extensive experience in the field. He can be reached at azharmasood786@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter at @azharmasood786

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