ECP dismisses Karachi election petitions, advises seeking remedy from tribunal

ISLAMABAD   -   The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) dismissed the election petitions challenging the results of three Karachi constituencies on Tuesday, directing the applicants to seek remedy from the relevant election tribunal instead. An ECP bench dismissed Zahoor Uddin’s election petition for NA 237, Karachi, and directed him to submit a petition to the relevant election tribunal for redress. Likewise, the fate of Muhammad Yasir’s application for NA 239, Karachi, and Khurram Sher Zaman’s for NA 241, Karachi, was similar, as the commission directed them to file petitions in the election tribunal for remedy. In all three mentioned constituencies, candidates from the Pakistan Peoples Party secured victory in the elections. Barrister Shabbir Shah appeared on behalf of the winning PPP candidates before the commission.

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