Food Authority launches operation against adulterators

PESHAWAR   -  The Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority’s team conducted a suc­cessful operation against adulteration and haz­ardous businesses in Nowshera. Thorough in­spections targeted gro­cery stores, bakeries, naan shops, milk outlets, and wholesale vendors. The team, equipped with a mobile food testing lab­oratory, conducted ex­tensive sampling tests on milk, spices, tea leaves, beverages, renowned na­tional brands, and sauces.

The operation result­ed in the confiscation of 27 cartons of counterfeit national brands of milk packs, 30 kilograms of substandard tea leaves, 65 kilograms of sub­standard spices, 35 pro­hibited soft drink packs, and 10 bundles of fake chips. Expired beverag­es and chips beyond their shelf life were also seized. In response to these findings, the Food Safe­ty team promptly sealed seven establishments for flouting health preserva­tion regulations and im­posed substantial fines.

Shafiullah Khan, the Director General of the Food Safety Authority, commended the success­ful endeavours of the Nowshera team. He em­phasized the non-nego­tiable stance on health preservation principles and issued directives to intensify crackdowns on such nefarious ele­ments, highlighting the paramount importance of safeguarding public health from those who recklessly endanger it.

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