PTV fee

TV channels have to display advertisements to generate revenue. Even though viewers dislike these TV ads, they wish there was a way to avoid them without incurring a hefty subscription bill each month.

Hence, it seems strange that every month, every Pakistani must pay a “PTV fee,” yet they still have to endure ads on PTV channels. Why do PTV channels need to show any ads if the channel is already receiving a steady monthly revenue?

PTV should consider eliminating its marketing department to save costs and position itself as an ad-free channel to attract more viewership. If every Pakistani is obligated to pay a mandatory fee for PTV’s budget, PTV does not need to generate revenue through a marketing department. The company should focus on producing artistic and creative shows instead. The Government of Pakistan is urged to investigate the monthly PTV fee on electricity bills and determine how these funds are collected and utilized. SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER P. ENGR., Peshawar.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt