There will be two cases against Alvi for violating the Constitution: Bilawal

PPP chief hopes Bhutto will get justice posthumously n Says SIC allowed unopposed elections of Murad, Maryam

ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said yesterday that the politicians need to shun ego and earn respect to create a health political working environment in order to strengthen the values of real democracy in the country.

Speaking to journalists here, Bilawal stressed the necessity for politicians to adhere to their roles within the democratic framework. 

“Politicians must understand the importance of staying within their political boundaries,” he emphasized, pointing out that mutual respect and adherence to democratic norms are fundamental for the functioning of institutions.

“Many of the country’s issues would resolve automatically if politicians put an end to their egos and internal conflicts. If the politicians do not respect each other, how will others respect them,” he maintained. The PPP chief earlier attended the hearing of the Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Presidential Reference at the Supreme Court.

Responding to questions re garding provincial governors, Bilawal said Asif Ali Zardari would personally oversee their selection after his election as the President. “The process has not yet started,” he clarified. He stressed the significance of a robust decision in this case to lay to rest a history of victimization, advocating for a firm stance against encroachments on constitutional boundaries. “It has been the consistent stance of the PPP across generations,” he remarked, “for all of the country’s institutions to operate within their constitutional bounds,” he added. On the recent political engagements, Bilawal explained the PPP’s decision-making process regarding government formation. He said the PPP, recognizing the national stakes in the economy, democracy, stability, and federation, engaged with the party that approached them. Responding to the Sunni Ittehad Council’s lack of engagement, he highlighted the necessity of constructive participation in the parliamentary system. He thanked SIC for the unopposed elections of Maryam Nawaz and Murad Ali Shah as chief ministers after the opposition boycotted the proceedings. 

He commended the process as a step towards democratic stability. Regarding President Arif Alvi, he alluded to legal challenges stemming from constitutional breaches, indicating a need for accountability. 

“I think there will be two cases against President Arif Alvi for violating the Constitution [...] One for dissolving the NA after the vote of no confidence [against ex-prime minister Imran Khan] and another for failure to summon NA session as required by the Constitution,” he said while speaking to the media in Islamabad after the hearing of the Zulfikar Ali Bhutto death sentence reference. His remarks come a day after the NA Secretariat summoned the lower house’s inaugural session on February 29 after President Alvi rejected a summary to summon the NA session on the 21st day after the general elections, as provisioned by Article 91(2) of the Constitution. 

To queries about democracy and reconciliation, Chairman Bilawal underscored the PPP’s belief in strengthening democratic processes as a solution to societal issues. He lamented the reluctance of some parties to acknowledge their mistakes and commit to constitutional principles.

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