Traders in Khyber protest against ‘unjustified’ taxes

KHYBER  -  Business centres in Qamberabad and Bara Bazaar came to a standstill on Tuesday as traders protest­ed against what they allege are unjustified taxes im­posed by the Tehsil Municipal Officer. The protest in­tensified after the leader of the traders, Said Ayaz Wazir, was arrested following a First Information Report (FIR) lodged by the Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO), Bara.

Local shopkeepers and businessmen united in clos­ing down their trading centres, vowing not to resume activities until their leader is released, and the TMO, accused of embezzling millions in daily funds collect­ed from the Bazaar, is transferred. The trading union leaders in Bara expressed their frustration, stating that they have already endured significant challeng­es due to militancy in the region and have just recent­ly resumed their businesses. However, the imposition of unfair taxes by the TMO is seen as a deliberate ef­fort to force traders to close their establishments.

During the protest, leaders of the trading union highlighted the lack of basic facilities in Bara Bazaar, such as electricity supply, potable water, a proper drainage system, security, and street lights. 

They criticized the illogical imposition of several taxes by the authorities despite the absence of essen­tial amenities. The traders called on the government to abolish these taxes and take necessary initiatives to provide relief and security for the local business community.

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