ISLAMABAD-Selena Gomez treated her fans to a ‘get ready with me’ video using products from her cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty. The 28yearold singer opted for a glowy makeup look,as she showcased her typical daily skin routine before adding a splash of colorful eyeshadow. Adorably relatable throughout the 10-minute video, Gomez was not afraid to talk about her flaws as she mentioned that she too gets plagued with pesky pimples some days. A fresh-faced Gomez sat in her living room at home as she walked her viewers through which products she goes to on an everyday basis. Talking about her love of natural looking concealer and her preference for airing on the side of a no-makeup makeup look.She prepped her face using a multi-step process that featured primer, foundation and spot concealer on her face and under the eyes. ‘Sometimes I can just use concealer depending on how my skin is. I like to everything pretty delicate,’ she said. 

A setting mist afterwards, she moved onto a luminizing product that created a bronzy glow on her cheekbones as she dabbed it lightly, sharing that she likes to stray away from adding too much sheen to her nose.A little powder to take down some of the shine, Gomez said her face was ready as she worked her way to her eyes.