As of yet, Pakistan is filled with many problems which are hard to get eliminated, as of now, and its backward pace towards being collapsed is increasing. There are some of its serious problems, which need to be dealt with.

Nowadays, the very symptom being the cause of Pakistan’s illness is its political crises which seem to be uncountable or, we say, making it come to an end.

A few days ago, ex-prime minister Imran Khan’s removal was supposed to be reasonable—maybe somehow he had to take some inaccurate steps despite this many well-known columnists have criticized him unconditionally even some of my ideal personalities. Why do we fear death, having known that the current situation is worse than dying?

What we need right now is to utilize the constitution of advanced countries, if we are eager to be successful in the world. Someone who has been prime minister can never run again and all people should have complete access to change the leader of their future; by imposing this constitution I’m sure that Pakistan would succeed like it never had before in past.