ISLAMABAD - The federal government on Wednesday appointed Mohsin Butt, a grade 22 officer of the Police Service, as new Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), by replacing Muhammad Tahir Rai.  When Tahir Rai was appointed as DG FIA few months back, he was working as the National Coordinator of the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NCTA). It is pertinent to mention here that he did not relieve from his duties in NCTA and he was working on both positions, however, now he has been removed from the post of DG FIA but he will continue to work as National Coordinator NACTA.  Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah while commenting on the removal of the DG FIA has said that Rai Tahir is the only person, who has expertise on counter terrorism because he served as the head of counter terrorism department in Punjab for a long period of time. “Mr. Rai had run counter terrorism department Punjab in an effective manner and he has the expertise to stand NCTA as an institution within 6 months”, Rana Sanaullah maintained.