Punjab elections

The election results in Punjab are surprising. PTI has trounced PML-N in its stronghold in the by-polls in Punjab.

The reasons for PML-N’s defeat are obvious: the increase in fuel price which spurred already galloping inflation to the sky and Imran Khan continuously playing the foreign conspiracy and imported government card.

This is a big setback to PML-N but its leadership has no other option than to raise prices and clear the mess created by the PTI government. The most refreshing development is the statement of PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, who has accepted the election results with grace.

The future political scenario seems grim and the by-election results are expected to work fuel to polarization fire. The bellicose style of PTI politics and its penchant to call state institutions partial will not work in the favour of PTI for long. Therefore, there is also a strong possibility that the gains made in the by-election would be lost by PTI leadership by increasing verbal attacks on political rivals.

PML-N’s coalition partners must stand with the present government and support it fully. The people of Pakistan should note that only verbal attacks and blaming others will not result in success.



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