Gwadar Sea Port to become one of the best in the world: PM

Shehbaz Sharif says true implementation of SIFC vision will bring in revolution in country n Visits Expo Centre in Gwadar, performs groundbreaking of several development projects n Says prosperity of Pakistan depends upon stability and mainstreaming of Balochistan n Regrets negative and sick mentality marred the situation in mineral-rich province.

GWADAR  -  Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Thursday said that the concert­ed efforts and true implementa­tion of the vision of the Special Investment Facilitation Council would usher in the revolution and guarantee the prosperity of 220 million people of Pakistan.

"The SIFC (Special Investment Facilitation Council) is the big­gest motivating engine and vi­sion for Pakistan's progress and prosperity. Nothing can impede our progress, if we follow this vision. This will bring in revo­lution," the prime minister said addressing the inauguration cer­emony of multiple development projects here.

The prime minister unveiled the plaques to inaugurate Khu­zdar-Panjgur transmission line; construction of a two-lane Khu­zdar-Basima road; water supply and distribution scheme; 1.2MGD RO Desalination Pant; and initia­tion of Gwadar Port dredging.

He broke ground for the re­habilitation and upgradation of Awaran-Naal and Awaran-Jhal Jaho roads; Khuzdar section of M8; Gwadar Safe City project; and the establishment of the University of Gwadar.

He also unveiled the plaque marking the completion of air­side infrastructure (runway, taxi­way and apron) at New Gwadar International Airport. Lauding the vision and efforts of Chief of the Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir - also present at the ceremony - for the establishment of SIFC, the PM said a mechanism had been established to attract investment and put the country on the course of progress.


He expressed the hope that the interim government would also carry forward the initiative which was also appreciated by the business community of Ka­rachi during his visit to Sindh on Wednesday. Besides, the Gulf countries are also eyeing to in­vest in Pakistan following the economic revival plan formulated by the government, in coordina­tion with all stakeholders, he said mentioning an article written by a former Saudi ambassador in Paki­stan in an Arab publication.

Referring to his first visit on June 3, 2022 to Balochistan, after assuming office, the prime min­ister shared his dismay over the condition of Balochistan's devel­opment owing to the negligence on part of the previous govern­ment, which he said merely fo­cused on mud-slinging of the op­position leaders.

He said the previous govern­ment failed to execute crucial projects like clean drinking wa­ter despite the fund's allocation in 2015 by Nawaz Sharif's gov­ernment. Similarly, the unneces­sary delay in the completion of the 26-kilometer power trans­mission line from Iran forced the people to live without electricity.

A project to protect Gwadar Port from flood also met the same fate. After 2015, no dredging of Gwadar Port was done impact­ing the movement of big ships, but the incumbent government took up the project and would complete it by March next year.

Likewise, the previous govern­ment could only bring 100,000 tons of cargo to Gwadar Port, comparing 600,000 tons by the present government despite the fact that dredging was not yet over. The prime minister ques­tioned why the previous govern­ment could bring in just 100,000 tons of cargo, failed to complete drinking water supply project and power transmission line from Iran which was completed by the incumbent government within 6-8 months like it had done the Panjgur transmission line. ‘Negative and sick mentali­ty’ The prime minister thanked China for rolling over a $2.4 bil­lion loan for a two-year period and other friendly countries for supporting Pakistan. He said the Balochistan province, rich with immense beauty and resources, could have attained its due prog­ress had it been provided suffi­cient resources and attention. But the “ negative and sick mentali­ty “ marred the situation, he re­marked. He said it was high time all the institutions and stakehold­ers should join hands and move forward to make up the deficit of development. The prime minister told the gathering that the gov­ernment had started the distri­bution of cash assistance worth Rs250,000 each among 3,000 fishermen to help them improve their lives as well as their work.

Referring to the attacks on Chinese workers, Prime Minis­ter Shehbaz said that the people of Balochistan must know that the development of their prov­ince would suffer if some of the people, at the behest of the for­eign handlers, continued to tar­get their benefactors. He said the promotion of solar energy could guarantee the development of Balochistan’s industry and peo­ple as transmission lines across the country’s biggest province would cost billions of rupees. The prime minister told the newsmen that his government had com­pleted a project of 100 MW pow­er transmission line from Iran to ease the lives of locals. Similarly, a Panjgur-Khuzdar transmission line has also been completed. He said all of the said projects were conceived during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure and funds were also allo­cated but “criminal negligence” was shown by the previous gov­ernment.

Similarly, he said the lap­tops were distributed among the top-performing students of public universities, which the previous government failed to do so, despite it being a tool for progress in the modern era.

He said the incumbent gov­ernment allocated billions of ru­pees for the laptop scheme.

He said instead of a 6% al­located share of the laptop scheme for Balochistan, the federal government gave away the machines with a ratio of 14%, and the quota had further been increased to 18% for fis­cal 2023-24. He said the feder­al cabinet had green-signalled a 300 MW coal power project for Gwadar and NEPRA had also approved the tariff. The prime minister thanked Chinese Pres­ident Xi Jinping for a rollover of a $2.4 billion loan for two years by EXIM Bank and overall sup­port in the form of the China-Pa­kistan Economic Corridor. Also, PM Shehbaz Sharif performed the ground breaking of differ­ent development projects in Gwadar on Thursday. Address­ing the laptops and cheques dis­tribution ceremony, the Prime Minister said uniform progress of all the federating units is vital for the development and pros­perity of the entire country.

He said development projects in Balochistan will open up the doors of progress and prosperi­ty for the people of the province. ‘Friendly countries support to Pakistan’ The prime minister said friendly countries like Chi­na, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates have ex­tended their generous support to Pakistan in meeting its eco­nomic and financial challeng­es. He said China has rolled over around seven billion dol­lars during last five months. Prime Minister Shehbaz Shar­if also reiterated the govern­ment’s firm resolve to extensive­ly develop the Gwadar Sea Port as one of the best in the world. He said the fate of the people of Balochistan, especially of Gwa­dar, would be changed through the ongoing development oper­ation across the province. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also ex­pressed the resolve to take all possible measures for the devel­opment and progress of Baloch­istan and to make Gwadar Port as the best seaport of the world.

Addressing the ceremony in Gwadar on Thursday afternoon, he said uniform progress of all the federating units is vital for the development and prosperity of the entire country. He said Pa­kistan cannot progress if any of its provinces lag behind the de­velopment process. He said de­velopment projects in Baloch­istan will open up the doors of progress and prosperity for the people of the province. Further talking about the Gwadar Port, Shehbaz Sharif said it is a deep seaport, which can accommodate large ships, but what an irony it is that no dredging of the harbour was undertaken since 2005. He said a contract has been award­ed to ensure dredging of the port and hopefully large ships can ar­rive here by March next year. He recalled that only 100,00 tons of cargo was brought through Gwa­dar Port in last five years, while shipments worth 600,000 tons landed in 15 months. 


Meanwhile, Prime Minister She­hbaz Sharif visited China-Pa­kistan Expo Centre here along with the Chief of Army Staff Thursday to attend a ceremony where the groundbreaking and inaugural ceremony was per­formed for various infrastruc­ture development projects.

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