Mayor Peshawar assures swift resolution of civic issues

Peshawar   -  Mayor of Peshawar, Haji Zubair Ali, has reiterated his commitment to resolving the issues faced by the residents of the Garhi Qamar-din area on a priority basis.

During a meeting with Shah Faisal, the Chairman of Village Council (VC 66), on Thursday, Mayor Zubair Ali was briefed about the pressing problems and concerns of the local community. The issues highlighted included the urgent need for a cemetery, better roads, paved streets, and the installation of essential amenities like street lights and an electricity transformer in Garhi Qamardin.

Additionally, discussions were held to address the issue of low gas pressure by exploring the possibility of changing the gas supply line. The installation of CCTV cameras outside schools and public areas to enhance security, as well as the placement of traffic signals at Garhi Qamardin Chowk to manage crowds and prevent roadblocks, were also part of the agenda.

Mayor Zubair Ali expressed his dedication to ensuring the timely completion of all pending development projects in the area. He reassured Chairman Shah Faisal that the concerns of the local populace would be dealt with promptly and on a priority basis.

The Mayor emphasized the importance of community welfare and development and vowed to work tirelessly to improve the living conditions for the residents of Garhi Qamar-din.

With the assurance of swift action from the Mayor, the residents of Garhi Qamar-din can now look forward to seeing positive changes in their community’s infrastructure and overall well-being

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