Mayor unveils Rs1.7b surplus budget for Mardan

Mardan   -  City Mayor Himayatullah Mayar presented a surplus budget of over Rs1.716 billion for the City Council Mardan in the financial year 2023-24.

The budget includes estimated expenditures of Rs. 1,069 crores 49 lakh 83 thousand, with a projected surplus of more than Rs. 166 crores by year-end. The income sources consist of Rs. 61 crore 3 lakh from the provincial government and Rs. 35 crores 77 lakh 90 thousand from Tehsil Mardan’s resources.

The budget outlines allocations for various purposes, such as Rs. 88 crores 3 lakh 27 thousand for salaries and pensions, Rs. 44 crores 31 lacks for non-developmental expenses and Rs. 37 crores 5 lacks for development projects. Of the development expenditure, Rs. 2 crores 60 lacks are designated for ongoing projects, while Rs. 35 crore 45 lakh is for new initiatives.

The budget also emphasizes social and community projects, including funding for libraries in mosques and community centres, scholarships for high-achieving students, youth talent hunt, sports promotion, and the welfare of disabled individuals.

Moreover, the budget earmarks funds for various initiatives like the beautification of Mardan city, intersection improvements, garbage collection vehicles, street lights, and the establishment of a standard educational institution for government employees’ children.

Additionally, the Mayor highlighted ongoing development projects, including a water treatment project costing Rs. 1.5 billion, a garbage disposal plant worth Rs. 4.5 billion, and a green belt and plantation project of Rs. 58 crore. The meeting was adjourned until July 31.

The budget reflects a strong focus on development, welfare, and infrastructure, aiming to enhance the city’s overall prosperity and quality of life.

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