Karachi leaders fleeing abroad like cowards

| Sh Rashid says Nawaz, Zardari two sides of same coin | Govt claims to end outages till 2018 a joke

LAHORE - Warning the ruling elite of a civil war in Karachi soon, Awami Muslim League (AML) chief, Shaikh Rashid Ahmed has said the port city is under fire but its leaders are fleeing abroad like cowards instead of standing by their electorate.
Addressing a press conference at a local hotel on Saturday, Shaikh Rashid said the prime minister should immediately visit Karachi where people were not only being killed on account of terrorism but also due to power outages during the severe heatwave in Sindh.
Rashid claimed Sindh leadership was leaving Pakistan believing that some countries might give them refuge to evade corruption cases but they would not get asylum. He added PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari directed his close aides to leave country in an effort to avert cases of corruption against them.
He demanded resignation of the PML-N government as it had miserably failed to handle the energy crisis. Rashid suggested that maximum development funds should be diverted to the energy projects to deal with this grave issue on war-footing.
AML chief remarked government claims to end loadshedding till 2018 was a joke as the rulers would not remain in power till that time.
He said, “MQM should clean its ranks of the criminal elements if it desires to remain in active politics. MQM leadership should come out to provide credible proofs to confront allegations against them. Ruling party should play on front foot if the accusations against MQM proved.”
He asked the military leadership to launch an across the board accountability involving its own ranks but they should not dislodge the democratic setup.
Rashid said four people had gone to Qatar for striking LNG contracts but the people had no information about these contracts. He demanded of the government to make public the details of the LNG project.
He claimed there was no difference between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, they were two sides of the same coin.
Commenting over the judicial commission, he said Imran was satisfied with the commission but he had reservations regarding it.
AML chief replying to a question regarding PPP co-chairperson, claimed nobody could expect good from Zardari as he was an opportunist who had sacrificed PPP chairperson and her wife Benazir Bhutto to protect his interests.
Responding to another query concerning Pervez Musharraf’s politics, he claimed military leadership had asked Musharraf to stay away from politics as long as he was not advised to do so.

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