Economic situation in Turbat

Turbat is the second largest city of Balochistan. Iran’s border is adjacent to the city. Most goods and even electricity are imported from Iran. For the people living in Turbat, import business from Iran is one of the major sources of earnings. Currently, along with the worsening situation of inflation in other parts of the country, the prices of Iranian products in Turbat have as well been affected. There is a surge in the prices of Iranian products. Iranian Petrol has risen up from 500 to 800 per gallon in some days and it is expected to rise more in the upcoming days. Simultaneously, the prices of other products have abruptly risen. As transportation cost is directly impacted by the prices of fuel, it has risen up almost to 100 percent.

As a reason, almost every single product’s price, in the busineses, has precipitously increased.

It is apprehensive that prices of the Pakistan products are hiking due to the rising inflation. But the question of rising prices for Iranian fuel and products is much worrisome for the residents. According to local people connected to the business of Iranian products, the rise in the prices is owing to blockage of the Iranian border. If this situation lasts long it can kindle up many hurdles for Turbat.

Prolong blockage of the border can be a steep increase in unemployment which can stir up criminal activities. Secondly, for the common masses, it will almost be impossible to sail through this situation of rising inflation.

The administration in Turbat, DC, must take prompt action for free cordial trade with Iran. Or the situations will worsen day after the other.



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