Facade exposed

The act of demolishing young Muslim activist Afreen Fatima’s house proves that Indian authorities are Modi’s willing tools in spreading Hindutva ideology. On the other hand, during the search operation in Indian-Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), the Indian occupying forces martyred two more Kashmiris. However, due to the silence of the global community, the bullying that India has resorted to has not only affected Indian Muslims, but the entire region.

At present, there has been a backlash in India after the blasphemous statements by members of the BJP in India, and Narendra Modi’s fascist regime has started using force against the protesting Muslims.

We watched as minorities were already insecure under the rule of Hindu extremists, they did not have religious freedom, but now Narendra Modi’s government is pursuing a plan to hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims in what looks to be the next phase of its expansionist ambitions.

Today, we must wonder why so much has been written on the gross human rights violations in India but no action has been taken by the world powers and international organisations. The so-called pioneers of civilisation have never dared to take action against the world’s largest so-called democracy. Now this trend has reached the point of increasing religious terrorism.

It should be noted that Muslims in India already did not have full religious freedom. Now Hindu extremists are inflicting violence and demolishing the Muslim residences of protesting Muslims and are suppressing the voice of Muslims against extremism in India.

For instance, after being declared the mastermind of the protests in Allahabad, Muslim activist Javaid Ahmed was arrested along with his family and transferred to an unknown location.

On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh Hindu extremist Chief Minister ‘Yogi Adityanath’ has termed the protesters as ‘miscreants’ in his defence of the atrocities against Muslim protesters by the police and said that “action against them should be such as to set an example”.

Moreover, Hundreds of people have been arrested in India for protesting against the statements. Adityanath and all such religious extremists have ruined the country’s environment to such an extent that no one is safe except Hindus. Yogi Adityanath and all such RSS-BJP official statements are enough to expose the facade of Indian secularism.

In this context, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan and the OIC Secretary-General expressed concern over the continued violence against Indian Muslims and the growing trend of Islamophobia and called for collective action to address it. This time, Muslim countries have responded collectively to this incident.

There is no refuting the opinion that India is no longer safe for Muslims and other minorities. The manner in which the RSS-led BJP regime has started attacking Muslims and the way in which India is flouting UN resolutions after entails that the entire Muslim Ummah unite against it.

Henceforth, Muslim countries must advance their efforts to counter the growing trend of Islamophobia and put pressure on world leaders in this regard.

Muhammad Akhter
The writer is a freelance columnist.
He Tweets at

The writer is a freelance columnist. He Tweets at @MAkhter_