Peshawar - All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Property Dealers Association and Peshawar Property Association on Monday criticised the government over imposition of taxes, which has made lives difficult for the citizens.

Addressing separate news conferences at Peshawar Press Club, the office-bearers of Peshawar Property Association and All KP Property Dealers Association demanded the government to withdraw the decision on taxes.

Peshawar Property Association president Sirajul Haq Yousafzai along with other office-bearers warned the government that they would stage a sit-in outside the Parliament House in Islamabad if their demands were not accepted.

Terming imposition of five percent tax on property as unjust, Sirajul Haq rejected this anti-people act and said the FBR policy regarding the annual rent from plot was not applicable.

Commenting on the widely circulated statement of Federal Minister for Finance Miftah Ismail on social media that he was bringing the real estate and car dealers under tax net, he said it was a matter of shame for him that he did not know that they were already paying tax.

Sirajul Haq Yousafzai said that all real estate agents in Pakistan were registered in the FBR and regularly paying annual tax already.

He also ridiculed Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s statement that he would sell his clothes for the solution to people’s problems.

“If this situation continues, people may tear off the clothes of Prime Minister and his cabinet members,” he added.

Later, the association members staged a demonstration outside Peshawar Press Club to press the government for the acceptance of their demands.

Govt urged to withdraw new taxes, restore old tax system for larger interest of country, citizens

Meanwhile, All KP Property Dealers Association also rejected the imposition of levies. The association president for DHA Peshawar Abid Khan, Chairman DHA Amjad Khalil, President Muttahida Property Dealers Younis Khan and others said that people involved in the property business had been badly affected.

They said the government had also brought the common man in the tax category but the sitting rulers could not improve the country’s economy.

They observed that the overseas Pakistanis, who played an important role in the country’s economic development, were also getting discouraged about investing in Pakistan. They said the government measures were forcing people to move to other countries.

They demanded withdrawal of taxes, which affected scores of families associated with around 54 companies of real estate in the province.

They asked the government to restore old tax system so that the country can develop and at the same time people could benefit from the real estate business.

Sardar Khan, an estate agent in Peshawar, told this correspondent that the property business had declined much in recent months.

“For instance, both the seller and buyer of estate have to pay taxes. Also, there are certain other taxes too, while inflation rate is also on the rise. Hence, in such a situation, few people wish to buy lands,” he added.

Several citizens in Peshawar also said they were selling their plots but buyers were not available for their lands.