Gems of Pakistan

By Oneeba Afzaal

Pakistan is an home to many Gems, the faces of Pakistan that sacrificed their life which is the most important thing that all of us hold so dear. The national faces can be an politician, leaders, sports person, or even a common person who have devoted their lives for this country.

Have any of us ever thought for a minute how everyone sleeps peacefully? How all of us live safely in our houses? any insecurity? just because our nation have such heroes who haven't only made us proud but also bear wounds, shed their blood, fighting with bravery, spirit and enthusiasm for the people for this country.

There is an countless list of fearless fighters who have made Pakistan proud with their loyalty and dedication:

1. Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam a Noble Price winner for Physics and awarded the Sitara-i-Pakistan along with the Pride of Performance Medal and Award, who was most celebrated member of the minority group, made people aware of nuclear knowledge. He was also the member of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

2. Marium Mukhtiar

Marium Mukhtiar Pakistan Air Force (PAF) flying officer was the first female pilot to have died on a mission when a trainer jet crashed and embraced martyrdom near Kundian Mianwali. She wanted to do something different and talked about the challenges of being a female pilot in a male dominant society. she was not an ordinary person, she was brave, charismatic, and a born leader.

3. Abdul Sattar Edhi

Edhi Sahab the most down to earth person who devoted all his life for collecting money and helping poor, unsheltered people. He is considered a 'Pride for Humanity'. People like Edhi Sahab are hard to find, the entire world known him for his kind heart and blessed soul.

4. Aitzaz Hassan Bangash

Aitzaz hassan was an brave student who sacrificed his life to foil suicide bombers attempt to blow up the school in village Ibrahimzai of District Hangu, Khyber Pakhtun Khawa. He was 15-years-old when he gave the great sacrifice of his life for Pakistan and sensed the suicide bombers evil designs and grabbed him tightly saved lives of his 2,000 schoolmates gathered for morning assembly. He tell the world that he belong to the nation who will sacrifice their life for their country to save the lives of others.

5. Maria Toorpakai Wazir

Maria is an top ranked squash stardom, who belongs from a region where girl's are not allowed to participate in sports. She is an role model for the girl's who hide their abilities due to family, tribal pressure. She encouraged many women to get right opportunities, to accomplished their dreams.

6. Shermeen Obaid Chinoy

Shermeen is an Oscar double winner and a 'Pakistan honor' who is representing the country on international level. Women like Shermeen are not only a pride of the nation but also a significant source of contribution towards the march of civilization in the world.

7. Muneeba Mazari

Muneeba is an inspiration for the nation, she is the first wheel chair Bound anchor. She is also a multitasking woman. She is one of the ponds miracle women of Pakistan. She is an pride, and inspire women to achieve their aim in life despite how hard life is.

8. Kulsoom Hazara

Kulsoom is an pride to the Hazara community and inspiration for many girl's. She is an National Karate Champion and has broken the stereotype that were bounded by the community by winning gold medal at International Karate Competition.

9. Samina Baig

Samina Baig is famous for 'Daughter of the Mountains', she is the courageous and the only women to climb Mount Everest.  She's so well famous that an entire peak was named after her as a testament of her achievement. Breaking the tradition that women can't compete with men, Samina proved that women can do everything she desired for and can bring success for the nation.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on October 7, 2017

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