The settlement of international cases like Karkey Rental Power, RekoDiq, Coex Security, is a great success for maintaining the national prestige of Pakistan. As a matter of fact, these settlements have restored the trust of foreign investments in Pakistan paving way for the already staggering economy of the country. But it is highly regrettable that some political elements are wrongly taking advantage of the great efforts made by the state institutions for amicable defrayal of these cases deluding people of Pakistan. State institutions through military diplomacy played a pivotal role in taking Pakistan out of economic turmoil saving billions of dollars in such cases. It was the efforts of these institutions that not only KSA but also Iran softened their economic deals with Pakistan extending aid and support in different forms.The credit of the unsung heroes of Pakistan should not be politicised for petty political gains and for personal agenda as solutions of such matters are made possible only with a team work.

It was the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), which constituted a high level fact finding inquiry into the matter after a reference was filed against Karkey. The untiring efforts of Pakistani investigative team yielded results and the Turkish company had to request a plea-bargain deal accepting a refund of $18m to NAB and assurance of withdrawn of the case from international arbitration. The inquiry officers comprising both from civil and military institutions were later awarded with medals for acknowledgement of their work.

Similarly, successful agreement with Barrick Gold for development of RekoDiq mine after 10 years of legal battles & negotiations was also a milestone relief to Pakistan saving a penalty of approximately $11b in addition to an investment of $10b in the project thus creating as many as 8,000 new jobs. The masterminds of these terrific exertions are also the state institutions of Pakistan particularly the defence diplomacy of Pakistan played a significant role in materialising these accomplishments in the national interests.

The military institutions of Pakistan are rendering great services in social as well as in economic sectors. The FWO is a good such example which has become an iconic multinational organization in carrying out the huge infrastructure assignments. It has earned great name in small span of time. It has rendered great services in expanding the CPEC routes across the country and the security of these routes have also been made exemplary by the state institutions due to which CPEC routes have become a trade hub and fastest transportation corridors.

Special Communication Organization (SCO) has laid fiber optic cable along three main routes of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), including railway tracks. The two countries have already activated first phase of the fibre optic cable, which is an 820km long cable project from Rawalpindi to Khunjerab. In this regard, successful tests have also been conducted which will also generate a lot of revenue for the government.

The state institutions of Pakistan have not only defended Pakistan from any possible aggression from outside but also from the inside hazards. These institutions have sacrificed many lives of their officers and officials for maintaining peace in Pakistan. Few months back the supply of coal from Chamalang mines was resumed following action by the Frontier Corps (FC) to repel Marri tribesmen who were carrying out armed attacks on trucks transporting the coal from the site.

India and other hostile powers working against Pakistan are engaged in providing arms and ammunition to anti-Pakistan elements and some segments of Baloch tribesmen to sabotage pace of development in Balochistan, where insurgency is also on the rise but most of such efforts have been successfully foiled.


The writer is

Islamabad based expert of strategic affairs