Gang involved in fake currency notes business busted

KARACHI    -    Two suspects arrested by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) have made startling revelations about the fake currency business in Karachi. During the investiga­tion, the suspects revealed that a gang is running a fake currency business in Karachi. 

According to media reports, the arrested men also gave the names of 21 accomplices work­ing in the gang. The arrested men were identified as Imran and Shaheedullah. They disclosed that fake currency notes are cir­culating across the metropolis, adding that the gang members are printing fake currencies of different countries including US dollars, Saudi Riyals, Brit­ish Pounds and UAE Dirhams. The accused also mentioned the name of the fake currency maker – Faizullah from Peshawar – said that fake currency was sold in Karachi’s Malir, Sarjani, Korangi, North Nazimabad and Lyari.

He further revealed that the buying and selling of fake cur­rency notes have also been done through social media platforms.

The accused also unveiled that some women were also in­cluded in the group while public transport was being used for the delivery of fake currency notes. The accused was caught selling fake notes worth Rs100,000 for Rs35,000 in Karachi. After the sensational revelations, the Spe­cial Investigation Unit of the po­lice accelerated the investigation. Back in 2022, the police busted a gang in Lahore that is allegedly in­volved in circulating fake curren­cy notes in different parts of the country. The officials of the Ghalib Market police station arrested four accused who were allegedly circulating counterfeit currency notes in Lahore. The officials also recovered fake currency notes worth millions. According to the police, the accused men have mastery in printing fake currency notes of Rs1,000 and Rs5,000 which are difficult to be traced.

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