Rashid warns of chaos if court orders not implemented

Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Tuesday that if court orders were not implemented, there would be chaos in the country which would affect everyone. 

Using his Twitter handle, the AML chief said the judiciary was like a mother. “Judiciary has no favourite. All the institutions fall within the ambit of judiciary. Violation of court orders threatens existence of the state. The other name of judiciary is law, constitution and survival of the state,” he said. 

He added that formation of a government through a conspiracy just to close their cases was national dishonesty. Mr Ahmed said, ”No judiciary means no democracy. Law and constitution are not a facilitator of any one. Looters and spoilers of the national kitty are always in search of lame excuses. The government has already suffered disgrace and now wants to inflict dishonour on the institutions as well.”

Mr Ahmed said the interior minister should avoid issuing statements like a crazy person. “Now the PPP inner circles have started raising voices in support of elections. The IMF deal is not possible without the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Ten people have died for 10kg flour bags. 

"The political, social and economic stability can only be possible with elections. There will be chaos, instability and anarchy unless the elections are held,” he concluded.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt