Brazilian envoy discusses bilateral trade with Pakistani businessmen

Ambassador Olyntho urges Pakistan to join BRICS to become part of global economy

ISLAMABAD  -  Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan, Olyn­tho Vieira on Wednesday said that Paki­stan can play an important role in the global economy by becoming part of the international multilateral forum BRICS.

Pakistan is a big market in terms of its population which can play an impor­tant role in BRICS and promote trade with these countries, the ambassador said. Ambassador Olyntho Vieira said this in call on meeting with Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) President Ahsan Zafar Bakhta­wari and Secretary General UBG, FPCCI Zafar Bakhtawri, said a press release issued here. The Brazilian ambassador said that the BRICS has an important role in the future global economy and with it, South-South cooperation will also grow and international multilat­eralism will be strengthened. He said that Pakistan is the largest market in terms of population in the Islamic world, which is important because of its geo-strategic location and there is a need to strengthen the trade relations between Brazil and Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan and Brazil have vast trade and cooperation opportuni­ties in technology and fruits, especially mango and citrus, which need to be expanded further. Brazilian envoy said that Brazil is part of various economic and trade integration forums in the world and South, South Cooperation are very important from which Pakistan can take full benefits. The ambassador said that between Pakistan and Brazil there is a bilateral trade is more than $1 bil­lion in which Brazil is in trade surplus. 

He said that Brazil is exporting soy­beans and cotton to Pakistan, while Pakistan is exporting surgical equip­ments, textiles and fruits to Brazil. He said that in the same way, Brazil is a big market with which Pakistan can be connected with the market of South America by being economically connected. Meanwhile, ICCI President Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari said that the signing of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Pakistan and Brazil will pro­mote mutual trade in both countries and both countries will be able to ben­efit from each other’s markets. He said that the role of the business commu­nity is very important for the promo­tion of mutual trade relations between Pakistan and Brazil and ICCI is ready to play its full role in this regard.

Ahsan said that Brazil is a big trade market which is connected to a big trade block like BRICs and its trade and economic relations with Pakistan are important. He said that there are wide possibilities of cooperation between Pakistan and Brazil in the field of sports, especially in football. Brazil can co-promote football in Pakistan. Mean­while, Zafar Bakhtavari highlighted the international importance of Brazil and its role in global trade and expressed hope for the expansion of mutual eco­nomic and trade relations between the two countries in the future.

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