Pak investors invited to set up pharma, textile units in Kyrgyzstan

LAHORE  -  The International Business Council (IBC) Kyrgyzstan wanted the Pakistani investors to establish a pharmaceu­tical plant and textile unit in its bur­geoning market. IBC Director Askar Sydykov stated this while talking to a Pakistan trade delegation, led by Me­her Kashif Younis, Kyrgyz honorary consul, visiting Kyrgyzstan to work out modalities for expanding volume of bilateral trade between the two coun­tries, according to honorary consul’s spokesperson here on Wednesday.

The IBC director said that Kyr­gyz offers a promising landscape for investment, marked by a growing demand for pharmaceuticals and textiles, creating a conducive environ­ment for profitable ventures. With the global pharmaceutical industry expe­riencing steady growth, he said, add­ing, “Kyrgyzstan stands out as a lucra­tive destination for investors looking to capitalise on this expanding mar­ket. By setting up a pharmaceutical plant, Pakistani investors could not only cater to the Kyrgyz domestic de­mand but also explore opportunities for export to neighbouring countries in Central Asia.” Askar Sydykov said the benefits of investing in Kyrgyz­stan extend beyond market demand. The country boasts a favourable busi­ness climate, characterised by liberal investment policies, tax incentives, and government support for foreign investors, he said, asserting that Kyr­gyzstan also offers competitive labour costs and abundant natural resourc­es, further enhancing the quantum of investment in the country. Collabo­rating with the IBC ensures seamless entry into the market, with access to valuable insights, networking oppor­tunities, and regulatory support. IBC is committed to facilitating the suc­cess of investors and fostering mutu­ally beneficial partnerships between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, he added.

He said the textile industry in Kyr­gyzstan is poised for development, fueled by increasing demand for quality textiles both domestically and internationally. By establishing a textile unit, Pakistani investors can tap into this demand and leverage Kyrgyzstan’s strategic location as a gateway to the Eurasian Economic Union and other regional markets. We look forward to welcoming Paki­stani investors and forging fruitful collaborations that drive econom­ic growth and prosperity for two countries, he concluded. Dr Shahid Hassan, President of Kyrgyzstan Trade House in Pakistan, was also present as part of the delegation.

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