Planning ministry to undergo digital transformation in next six months: Ahsan

In an effort to digitise PSDP processes of PC, iPAS was launched in Oct 2019

ISLAMABAD  -  The Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Minister Prof Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday said his ministry would undergo a digital transformation during the next six months under the Intelligent Project Automation System (iPAS). Stressing on the importance of digital upgrada­tion of public sector organisa­tions, he shared that the digital revolution currently under pro­cess in the global arena would completely revolutionise the world in the next 10 years. 

“The way we live, work and learn will be fully automated in near future,” the minister said during a certificate distribution ceremony organised for offi­cials from different ministries who completed the iPAS train­ing programme to digitise the Public Sector Development Pro­gramme (PSDP) portfolios of re­spective ministries. Intelligent automation systems have eased everyday processes in all public sector organisations across the developed world. Therefore, there is a pressing need for Pak­istan government to automate its processes on priority. 

In an effort to digitise the PSDP processes of Planning Commission, the iPAS was launched in October 2019 as a joint effort of Pakistan Informa­tion Technology Board and Min­istry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives. The In­telligent Project Automation System (iPAS), brings together different systems to make proj­ect work smoother and get en­hanced management efficiency. 

The iPAS, a joint effort by the Ministry of Planning and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), launched in 2019 to as­sist project managers in making smarter choices with the help of geospatial technology. Proj­ect Director iPAS Qaiser Zahir Shah briefed the minister about key features of iPAS, launched to digitise the PSDP processes of Planning Commission. Making a proud announcement, the min­istry said that the Spatial Deci­sion Support System was now a part of the iPAS. “This means we’re entering a new era of proj­ect appraisals. By mixing differ­ent kinds of information using GIS, #SDSS gives decision-mak­ers a complete picture,” it added. Elaborating further, the ministry said the iPAS was not just a tech­nology but like a smart brain. It gathers information from differ­ent places like demographics, economics, and the environ­ment. This helps to make better choices for the future. With iPAS, project managers and ministry officials could get a helping hand that gave them tools to improve project operations, financial management, monitoring and execution of the assigned tasks. 

The iPAS stands as a testa­ment to the government’s un­wavering dedication to progress and innovation. “As we navigate the complex landscape of devel­opment, iPAS empowers the of­ficials and stakeholders to make choices that aren’t just informed but strategically calculated,” stated the Project Director IPAS. Additional Secretary Kamran Rehman said that this project has brought rapid transforma­tion in Planning Commission’s operations. He further added that this project underscores the ministry’s commitment to embrace cutting edge tools and methodologies.

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