Pashto poets’ role in social development lauded

SWABI - Pashto poets have played a remarkable role to awaken masses and their services are highly praiseworthy, and Pukhtuns are really blessed as God gifted them with charismatic literary figures in different difficult phases of their life. Rokhan Yousufzai is one of them.
This was stated by the poets and stalwarts of the literary club while speaking in launching ceremony of “Da Ranrra Khob”, a collection of the poetry by Rokhan Yousufzai, on Sunday. The ceremony was held at Jalsai under the auspices of the Ulasi Adbi Jirga Swabi. Among the participants, prominent were Sadullah Jan Barq, Abaseen Yusufzai, Ajmir Gul Afghan, Abdul Rauf Arif, Masal Khan Atash, Sulaman Kamil, Zakir Yusufzai, Harroon Rashid Khattak, Zar Muhammad Sangr, Dr
Zubair Hasrat, Iqbal Kausar, Anwar Manerwal, Nural Amin Yusufzai, Prof Bakhtiar, Bakhtiar Khattak, Taskeen Manerwal, Fazaul Wahab Faiz, Saeed Adil, Tasawar Manerwal, Khair Muhammad Rahi, Mohim Shah Mohim, Faji Gul Faji and Abdul Latif Semab and others.
People belonging to literary and poetry fields paid rich tributes to Rokhan, lauding his inspiring poetic skills and a peaceful approach to the problems of the Pukhtuns community, who passes through its difficult phase.
The participants said that Rokhan has notched a valuable place for himself in both literary and journalistic field and that all was the result of continuous hardwork. Well-known writer Nural Amin Yusufzai said, “The book is best collection and his (Rokhan) inspiring and thought provoking poetry. The verses are so simple and easy that it could be easily understand by the common people. It forced us to say that he won hearts and minds of the people.”
Barq, a renowned poet and writer said: “Despite my poor health I am here to pay tributes to Rokhan. In both poetry and journalistic life Mr Rokhan stood alongside with me and I am proud over the contributions he made to both fields. I hope much more will come.”
Abaseen Yusufzai said that the Ghazals written by Rokhan have inspired him. In fact he is one of the best poets who could write Ghazal with great skill while merging it in the Pashto cultural environment, he added.
Jamil Yusufzai said eminent literary figures like late Ali Haidar Joshi, Abdul Wahid Takadar, known as Baba-i-Charbaitha, founder Islami College, Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan, Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider) and Nadar Khan Bazmi belonged to the district. “Our soil had produced stalwarts and our youngsters have the capability to deliver. The pots of this soil are also singing the same songs,” he said.

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