It is saddening how the simplest of joys in a person’s life can be taken away so easily. While ups and downs in one’s life cannot be avoided, some evils that cause the downs should not be overlooked. Down-and-outs too, want to live a peaceful life but poverty does not let them do so. 

A young boy named Siraj who belonged to a poor family lives Balochistan, had to give up his dream to read and become educated. He strived to study because he really wanted to get an education. When he was in the 5th grade, he was taken out from school because he could not afford to buy notebooks and other necessary items for studying. Now the boy works in a field. 

He said, “I am very unfortunate because my classmates have got occupations and are living luxurious lives but I am still with empty hands, and have to feed my children and send them to school.” 

Furthermore, it is very sad that the people of Balochistan are left in the lurch to pass their lives amongst these atrocities. Most of the Baloch are deprived of their fundamental rights and even the basic facilities needed to live happily. The poverty rate in Balochistan is shocking with more than 52% people living without shelter and begging for food in streets. 

Such is the story of another young girl named Hani who wanted to be a doctor. She worked very hard to pass the medical test but her dreams were also crushed due to poverty. She said, “I moved heaven to earth to be the doctor in my own village and assist my fellow villagers but I couldn’t do it due to poverty.” 

Undoubtedly, in Balochistan the lives of the children are being destroyed and they cannot pursue their dreams. There are many children who want to live a luxurious life but are worried and depressed as to how they can achieve it. 

This raises questions as to why the government of Balochistan is unable to assist the youth in achieving their goals. Why are the Baloch still deprived of education? Are children born to suffer in Balochistan? 

The answer to the problem of the people is Article 25-A of the constitution which says that every child must be given free education in the country. But here the laws have failed to provide the rights of the citizens. The government of Balochistan should implement the constitution of the country which demands that the all children of ages 5 to 16 must get free education. 

One of my teachers once told me, “Munaj, if you look at the world it is very beautiful and every person wants to see the beauty of it but it is sad that the children of Balochistan cannot. Their lives are being used for many other purposes.” They are just here to think that is unthinkable for them to prosper. 

If we want to ensure that all children go to schools, we have to work together to eradicate poverty in Balochistan and other parts of the country. 


Turbat, May 10.