Islamabad - The President  Mamnoon Hussain felicitated the nation and Muslim world at the onset of holy month of Ramazan, saying that besides bringing the believers closer to Allah, fasting was a source of social reformation as well as its development.

In his message on the beginning of holy month of Ramazan (1438 Hijri), the president hoped that the believers would be able to appease Allah Almighty during this month of blessings. He said every act of worship in Islam causes the spiritual purification but prayer, fasting, Hajj and Zakat were also beneficial for people’s training as well as the welfare of the society.

“However, fasting is the only worship that has no external aspect as it was the matter only between Allah and the worshipper,” he said. He said through this system of worship, Allah wanted to inculcate in humans the characteristics of selflessness, sincerity and discipline which bring progress to the societies caught up by greed, materialism and anarchy. Mamnoon said, “We should pass this holy month of Ramazan with the passion by taking care of poor and meek people to make them self-reliant.

The believers should also strive to guide the betrayed people besides praying for their rectification, he added. The president also called for special prayers for protection and betterment of the soldiers fighting the forces spreading anarchy and lawlessness in the country.

The president also prayed that this holy month of Ramazan becomes a source of blessing for Pakistan, Muslim Ummah as well as the whole world.