G-14/4 residents facing water shortage

Islamabad - Residents of G-14/4 sector are facing acute water shortage due to insufficient supply from the Capital Development

Authority (CDA) in prevailing hot weather before the holy month of Ramazan. They have complained that inhabitants of the locality are not getting regular water supply for last several days, which made their lives miserable alleging that the tanker mafia was minting money to cash the situation.

Dr Bakhat Rawan, a public sector university professor who resides there, said the water supply was almost completely halted for almost a week time and the residents were compelled to purchase water from private tankers on higher rates.

He said the residents were made to wait for hours and even for days despite paying Rs1500 to Rs2000 per tanker.

Zaheer Ahmed, another resident, narrated the same situation and urged the CDA to ensure regular supply of water in the sector and mitigate sufferings of the residents in such hot weather when temperature was rising day by day and the holy month of Ramazan had set in.

No official of the civic body was available for his version.


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