ISLAMABAD - The federal government has eschewed sharing details of the budgetary allocations earmarked for the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in the annual financial bill 2017-18.

The allocation of Rs4.76 billion to the IB, the premier civilian intelligence agency, is a slight increase as compared to the previous year’s Rs4.53 billion.

According to budget documents, the government has only revealed a one-liner budget of the IB under the head of “Operating expenses” without divulging its details as to what kind of operating expenses these are. Otherwise, the budget documents provide details of all allocations made to any government department or division.

The IB budget falls under the head of Cabinet Division and its chief directly reports to the prime minister with regards to the agency’s intelligence and counter-terrorism operations.

Meanwhile, the government has also earmarked Rs40.7 million for the National Security Division, which is a minor increase as compared to previous financial year’s Rs40.5 million.

Separately, an allocation of Rs40.7 million has also been earmarked for the secretariat of the National Security Committee.

Muhammad Amir Rana, a security expert who heads an Islamabad-based think tank, said that the basic idea of the establishment of the National Security Division was to assess the internal and external security threats and provide support to the Cabinet Committee on National Security.