KARACHI - Labourers, rejecting the federal budget for fiscal year 2017-18, have termed it worker enemy and said that it has been prepared to please the capitalists.

The labourers’ leaders said members of assembly have doubled their salaries, whereas the wages of workers are increased only by Rs1,000 which is shameful and sad. Talking to a private news channel, trade union leader Habibuddin Junaidi said, “Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) government has continued its traditions regarding budget and has done nothing for the poor this year as well.”

He said, “This budget is disappointing for the poor and increase of Rs1,000 in minimum wages of the workers is a terrible prank in the time of serious inflation.” Junaidi said, “A wave of price hike will come after this budget, and demanded to increase the minimum pay of labourers to Rs20,000 per month. Those with fewer salaries should be given special subsidies on electricity, gas and flour.”

Veteran trade union leader Liaqat Sahi said that the increase in workers’ wages should have been according to inflation. He said the government has done no favour by increasing only Rs1,000 in the pay. He also demanded to raise the salary to Rs20,000 per month. Sahi said the budget has been made for capitalists and investors only. He said the government had ensured the labourers to increase their salaries according to their demands, but betrayed them in the end. He also announced to hold protest against the budget.

Another labourers’ leader Nasir Mansoor said that no relief has been given to people by the government in this budget. The price of everything in past five years has increased many times, whereas salaries are not increased accordingly, he added.

Mansoor said the members of assembly have doubled their own salaries, but no one raised voice for the poor. Common man will face a lot of trouble to run the kitchen after this budget, he added.