The politicians, regardless of political parties, express views that are mindboggling to say the least. The seasoned and experienced leader of opposition in the national assembly expressed reservations about the ability of a leader to govern the country when his own children reside in a foreign country. While making the claim, he conveniently forgot the fact that the founder of his own party was not only one of the biggest landlords of Sindh, but his children who were or are at the helm of affairs in the party were all raised and educated abroad. Similarly, the sitting government ministers and appeasers of the family in power leave no word unuttered in blaming the leadership of PTI for corruption, while their own leadership is unable to answer questions about the wealth they have amassed.

PTI leaders dubbed their opponents, who had served the country for many years alternatively, but could not solve people’s problems. However, they are themselves struggling to make KPK an example of positive change. Finally, in the wake of Panama leaks scandal, all parties including ruling party leader, professed that they would accept decision of the Supreme Court bench, but when judgement was finally announced, all of them are finding fig leaves to interpret the judgement from their own perspective instead of outright accepting it. All opposition parties, at some level, are chanting slogans against ruling parties and seeking resignation from the PM. The ruling parties’ leaders on the other hand, particularly those who are close to the PM sing songs of their leader’s honesty. Interestingly, all political parties treat people as raw material for their political progress, while poor die of poverty and injustice. Every party points fingers at its opponents for the mess we are in and no one seems interested in cleaning it up. It is time all leaders of political parties think about this country and its people for once. If their predecessors failed to perform in accordance with the needs of the people and country, they should try to complete the work instead of blaming the predecessor. Mr. Churchill once said that countries whose leaders continue to dig their past seldom have a shining future.


Islamabad, May 10.