We are the students of Grade V-C in Beaconhouse School System. We are studying under the IB system of education which encourages inquiry towards issues that affect our society. In our latest unit we are studying about the street children and we have come to know that 24% of Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line. 

Karachi alone has 8-10 million under privileged children who suffer from various problems. These children have to sleep on streets where they are not safe. Insects bite them so they fall ill. Many of these children are orphans or have run away from their homes. Criminals make them do evil things like beg, sell drugs, etc. these children do not know the difference between good and bad because they do not get education.  

Through this letter we request the Chief Minister to provide shelter to these kids where they can live and eat food. Make free schools for them and provide health care. Anything good that you can do for them on government level. We hope you will understand the situation and take concrete steps and actions.  

Grade V-C, Beaconhouse School System,  

Clifton Campus, Karachi, May 15.