PTI’s Letters to World Organization  

Former speaker of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader has appealed to the US House of Representatives, House of Lords, European Union, and human rights organizations to take notice of the alleged violence against Imran Khan, MPs, and PTI workers on behalf of the government.

Letters have been sent to various international forums, including the European Parliament, House of Commons, Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), House of Lords, and the US House of Representatives, seeking cooperation on alleged human rights violations in the country, “illegal” arrests and raids targeting PTI leadership and workers.

The letters highlight the former speaker’s concern regarding human rights violations in Pakistan. Caretaker governments have reportedly committed severe human rights abuses to suppress the voices of political activists. False criminal charges have been filed to remove Imran Khan from politics, and he has survived an assassination attempt with 11 gunshot wounds. Moreover, 127 cases have been registered against him. International organizations are urged to play a role in stopping the political genocide of the Pakistani people and safeguarding democracy.

Regardless of the validity of these complaints, it remains a fact that our widely recognized system of government is losing its effectiveness due to improper political conduct. While everyone has the right to express their grievances, it is essential to consider the reputation of our country in doing so. It is well-known that such behavior is not new and has persisted for a considerable period.

Instead of publicizing their grievances to the world, politicians should focus on improving their conduct. This will not only bring rationality to politics but also ensure the survival and development of the country.



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