Ziaullah Langau urges tribal chiefs to play role to end tribal disputes

QUETTA    -    Balochistan Interior Minister Mir Ziaul­lah Langau on Saturday urged sardars of tribes and the tribal leaders to play their important role to end the tribal conflicts for putting the province on path of development. In his statement issued here, he said that steps were needed for a fair resolution of tribal dis­putes, for the welfare of the people and the development of the province, the elimination of tribal conflicts and mu­tual disputes was the most important need of the hour to achieve the goals of development. He said that the provin­cial government had formed a commis­sion to make the province a cradle of peace, so that a peaceful environment could be available to the people of the province. Mir Ziaullah Langau said that tribal disputes and mutual conflicts were the cause of major obstacles in the way of regional development. We have to end the regional conflicts and differences among ourselves to deter­mine the path of development, he said. He said that the problems of the area need to be solved locally so that the lives of the people living here could be made easier. Langau said that tribal conflicts left people very marginalized and many children became orphans and women became widows due to killings and looting. Therefore, every conscious Baloch citizen should play their role for a peaceful Balochistan and should cooperate with their gov­ernments, he noted. In this regard, the provincial Interior Minister also ap­pealed to the tribal leaders to end the tribal conflicts by using their skills. He said that since the first day, the

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