Robbers make off with sacrificial animals in Lahore

In an incident of broad daylight robbery, dacoits seized two sacrificial goats in Lahore's Iqbal Town area.

Despite keeping vigilance by people during Eidul Azha to safeguard their sacrificial animals by housing them indoors, thieves and robbers often manage to find a way to pilfer and snatch these valuable assets.

A recent viral video captured three individuals snatching two goats from their owner in Lahore. The CCTV footage shows the robbers made off with the goats, loading them into a car.

Such incidents are quite common in the country, where thieves and robbers frequently steal or take away animals for subsequent resale.

It is worth mentioning that in a country where people are already hard hit by inflation, purchasing an animal for Eidul Azha sacrifice is not an easy task.

Three robbers can be seen in video holding the owner of the goats at gunpoint and snatching the sacrificial animals and then making a good escape from the crime scene in a Honda Civic car. 

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt