Minister urges Centre to rein in destructive mobile packages

WAZIRABAD - Punjab Minister for Planning and Development Abdul Ghafoor said that the attractive SMS and call packages being offered by different cellular phone companies are leading the national youth astray thus should be stopped forthwith.
Punjab Minister for Planning and Development Ch Ghafoor stated that the government should stop the attractive packages, adding that billions of rupees were being transferred abroad through mobile phones and later the huge amount is used against Pakistan. “Mobile phones in the hands of students instead of books and pens are destroying the national youth’s moral. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority chairman who is unable to assess the negative effects of mobile packages, should be suspended forthwith.
He said that these packages were destroying the national youth’s moral.
Ghafoor stated that violation of human rights is not tolerated by Allah so one should consider one’s responsibility prior to taking any step. He said, “I salute the courage of Ahmadi Nejad who presented causes and solutions to the problems being faced by the Muslim Ummah,” he said.
Punjab Minister for Planning and Development added that the Iranian president had recognised Pakistan as an important country for the region and the world as well so the Muslim countries should support Pakistan enabling her to face the challenges. He stated that attitude of leaders attending D-8 conference was very much positive so it is largely welcomed. “Ahmadi Nejad, the president of Iran, stressed the Muslim world to support Pakistan,” he said.

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