Mustafa Kamal declares ‘Jihad’ against Sindh rulers

KARACHI - Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Saturday declared PPP-led provincial government  Democratic Terrorist, Sindh and its capital Karachi were the worst victims of PPP’s democratic terrorism, announcing that PSP is waging jihad against the PPP’s corrupt and biased government from today.

The ugly manner in which the Local Government Act has been passed is a disgrace to the democratic history of the world. All the revenue generating institutions created by KMC have been taken over by the Sindh government. The citizens of Karachi have been deprived of their democratic rights by this act. He said PSP has been standing against the PPP’s oppression, corrupt, biased and prejudiced government but from now onward it’ll be a total different ball game. These rulers do not understand the language of respect. “We did not liberate the city from the clutches of RAW to let it be turned into the personal dynasty of Asif Zardari.”  The PPP is not only a democratic terrorist but also a factory for making terrorists. From Karachi to Balochistan, young people are missing, mothers’ children are missing, but to date not even a single minister or their children have gone missing. “I ask the state to make these evil rulers and their descendants disappear, corruption will stop once and forever,” he added.

Disillusioned and dejected youth become terrorists because of the characterless and mischievous PPP rule in the province. Drinking water, education, roads, nothing is available to the people. PPP is making tomorrow’s terrorists today. The state should stop it today, now we are not going to stop against the oppression and prejudice of PPP. ”We are loyal to the state, not the government. Unlike previous contractors of Karachi, we will not call RAW or India. Right now we are standing on the sidewalks. If we come to the streets, we will not go back through any deal. We will do whatever we have to do for Karachi now, if we have to beg for Karachi, we would do it and if we have to hold one with throat, we will do that too. We are ready to die but not before we cease the oppression, now we will defeat the oppressors,” he said. Mustafa expressed these views while talking to media during a protest rally from Hassan Square to Urdu Science University. Kamal further said that the way corruption was taking place in the city was the extreme of misconduct. Files are being signed without building roads and all the money is being spent on corruption. The people of Karachi would prefer to die together while standing firm against the oppressors instead of dying one by one. 



The PPP in power lust is taking over the control of the civic institutions. The institutions in which the youth of Sindh used to get jobs were also snatched, depriving them from their rights. Party President Anis Kaim Khani, members of Central Executive Committee and National Council were also present on the occasion. Thousands of women, men and youths from Hassan Square to Urdu Science University carried banners and slogans against the PPP.

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