John Travolta recalls close call while piloting plane in 1992

LONDON - John Travolta says a near-death experience he had while piloting a plane in 1992 inspired him to take on his role in the new Dis­ney+ short film “The Shep­herd.” “The Shepherd” tells the story of a young pilot attempting to land safely af­ter experiencing electrical failure mid-air. The prem­ise is eerily similar to what Travolta, a licensed pilot, said he experienced back in 1992. Recalling the inci­dent during a Q&A in Lon­don on Thursday, according to Variety, Travolta shared that he “experienced a to­tal electrical failure” in a jet that he was piloting while flying over Washington D.C. with his family. “I knew what it felt like to absolute­ly think you’re going to die,” he said. “I had two good jet engines but I had no instru­ments, no electric, nothing. And I thought it was over.” He ultimately made a safe landing “as if by a miracle,” he said. It’s why Travolta was drawn to “The Shepherd,” which is based on Frederick Forsyth’s 1975 book of the same. In the short film, Tra­volta plays a good samaritan who guides a young pilot (Ben Radcliffe) to safety af­ter he finds himself “in peril when his radio and electric power cut out, leaving him stranded and running on limited fuel,” according to an official synopsis.

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