Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power means that a person has education and a complete control on his life by using that knowledge. Educated persons can easily handle the things in life. Knowledge is the strongest tool providing power to the people and knowledge cannot be defeated by any other power on the earth. We can also say that, knowledge gives power to a person who fights for his rights and compete with the world. Knowledge has created a difference between a man and an animal. Human beings cannot be compared with animals in physical power but, human beings have been the most powerful creature on the earth just because of the power of the knowledge. Human beings are weaker from animals in the physical power. Human beings get power from knowledge and are not dependent on the physical strength. Human beings are very sharp and sensible creature on the earth because they have ability to change the world with their knowledge, research and experiments.

Knowledge gives power to the human beings to know how to control the forces of nature and use them for getting benefits. Getting knowledge is the important part of our life. Through knowledge, we are able to differentiate between the right and wrong, good or bad. Knowledge helps us in our future planning and steers us to the right path. It also helps us to overcome our weaknesses, faults as well as how to face difficulties in life with confidence and control on them as soon as possible. Knowledge makes the person more powerful by giving him mental and moral advancement in the life. Knowledge is a very important tool to get positive changes in the society and country. We can say that knowledge is the pillar to success and happiness. So, we should get the knowledge and work with honesty and protect our society from evil. In short, knowledge keeps peace in the society by keeping people away from the fights and other social evils.


Lahore, September 6.




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