LAHORE     -   Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi on Tuesday expressed concern over the non-payment of Rs146 billion to the province by the federal gov­ernment. He regretted that constitutionally bind­ing dues of province had been withheld at a time when the provincial government needed this mon­ey for rehabilitation of the flood affectees. Presid­ing over a meeting about the development work in the health sectors, the chief minister said different development projects could be compromised be­cause of the stoppage of Rs146 billion. 

He alleged the federal government was creating hurdles by stopping the share of Punjab. The chief minister lamented that the federal government had not given anything to Punjab from the aid given to flood affectees. “The federal government has not re­leased the share for the construction of houses for flood victims,” he said as he pointed out that reha­bilitation activities could also be hampered because of this. The CM stressed that the Punjab government was striving hard to provide free medicines and other facilities to the patients. He said that comple­tion work of hospitals could also be affected due to non-payment of funds by the centre. He pointed out that thousands of kilometres long dilapidated roads in Punjab need immediate repair and rehabilitation but the funds meant for Punjab had been intention­ally stopped so that the province could be ruined because of the stoppage of development work.