Right from the time of the creation of Pakistan, our ruling elite has not shown true love and loyalty to the country. They buried the spirit and speeches of the Quaid and set on a self-serving agenda. 

After Quaid and maybe Liaqat Ali Khan, every ruler who assumed power was more focused on forging his/her grip on power than setting the country on a path to a strong economy and prosperity. 

Every government makes the claim that they will root out corruption, but we keep going in circles. Our leaders, when in power, care more about loyalty than honesty. They prefer officers who would do anything for them to keep them in power rather than following the law and serving people. This promotes nepotism, dishonesty, and poor governance. Unless our civil servants are given the freedom to work for people without any political interference and with strong accountability, we will not see the change. 

We do have good honest and hard-working people such as the lady ADC who worked selflessly on Nowshera to avoid flood damages to life and property. However, the system rewards loyalty to the king than honesty and hard work. No wonder it has been 75 years and we are going in circles with the system falling apart and corruption touching the limits.