MOHMAND   -   A locally based Youth Welfare Organization distributed uniforms and stationery to 100 or­phans, the poor and chil­dren of disabled fathers on Tuesday. 

It is to mention here that Shaheed Banda Youth Welfare Organiza­tion surveyed different schools like Government Primary School Sha­heed Banda, Government Girls’ Primary School Malik Taj Mir, Govern­ment Primary School Noor Mohammad Khan Daman, Kemonti Prima­ry School Sulgro Kalay in Shaheed Banda area of Tehsil Pandiali. 

Gulzada Mohmand, the president of the organ­ization, said that due to poverty and unemploy­ment in the area, the boys and girls here are forced to leave the field of education, which is why it was worked on. He said that they col­lected data from at least 100 students which were mostly orphans, poor or their parents were disa­bled. 

In Tehsil Shabqadar, they enrolled based on referrals, but from the Girls’ Primary School built in 2007, only five girls have enrolled in high school until 2022, the main reason is that there is no middle or high school in the Sha­heed Banda area of teh­sil Pandaili. He urged the government should pay attention to the prob­lems of this area.