PESHAWAR    -   Peshawar High Court Tuesday rejected a petition of former Na­tional Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser, allowing the Federal In­vestigation Agency (FIA) to con­tinue its investigation against him in the matter involving ille­gal funding.

When PTI leader Asad Qais­er, received the first notifica­tion from the FIA in the ille­gal funding case last month, he filed a petition with the Pesha­war High Court.

Other PTI leaders, in addi­tion to Asad Qaiser, have also got notices from FIA in the case of prohibited funding. The for­mer Speaker had sought for the notices served on him to be set aside and contested the agen­cy’s authority in the matter. Un­til the next hearing, the court had temporarily halted the FIA’s investigation. 

After hearing arguments from both parties on Tuesday, a divi­sion bench of the PHC presided over by Justice Lal Jan dismissed the plea and permitted the FIA to carry on its investigation.

The former Speaker had re­ceived several letters from the FIA in recent weeks. On Sep­tember 7, when he met with an FIA team, he was given a ques­tionnaire. 

There were 26 questions on the form, including ones about his job, his bank information, the contents of two accounts, his tax­es, and his political allegiance.