Iesco collects Rs237.8 million outstanding dues from defaulters

ISLAMABAD-IESCO has collected Rs237.8 million outstanding dues from defaulters, while 1230 consumers have been fined a total of Rs83.5 million over electricity theft and slowness of meters. “Actions against electricity thieves and defaulters has been successfully carried out in IESCO and campaign against electricity thieves and defaulters will continue till the success,” said Chief Executive Officer IESCO, Dr. Muhammad Amjad Khan.
Electricity theft and defaulters are significant obstacles in the path of a stable Pakistan and strong institutions. These elements are adversely affecting Pakistan’s economy and progress. To eliminate both elements, as per direction of government of Pakistan and Ministry of Energy unbiased and comprehensive campaign is in progress in IESCO with the full support of police and district administration. During checking, IESCO detection teams have caught 1230 cases of electricity theft and tampered meters in all operational circles, 1.79 million units have been charged to concerned consumers and fines of 83.5 million also imposed. 372 FIRs were registered, and 131 electricity thieves were arrested by the police.
Similarly, IESCO recovery teams, in collaboration with the police and district administration, are also taking strong actions against consumers who fail to pay electricity bills. They have made it possible to recover 237.8 million from defaulters during the ongoing campaign. IESCO consumers expressed their views on the campaign against electricity thieves and defaulters, stating that the series of comprehensive actions should continue as theft and defaulters electricity bills have to be paid by consumers who are paying their electricity bills regularly.

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