Nepra allows up to Rs4.45 per unit hike in power tariff for K-Electric consumers

ISLAMABAD-National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has allowed up to Rs4.4547 per unit increase in electricity tariff for different consumers categories of K-Electric on account of quarterly adjustments of FY2022-23.
In its decision on the federal government motion filed with respect to recommendation of consumer end tariff for K-Electric and Policy Guidelines for uniform quarterly adjustments, Nepra has allowed a hike from Rs1.4874/unit to Rs.4.4547/unit for different consumers categories on account of 1st quarterly adjustments of FY2022-23.
In its decision, the regulator said that in response of the MoE and the Policy Guidelines forwarded by the MoE, the Authority understands that the Guidelines only envisage the 1st quarterly adjustment of FY2022-23 and also for the future quarterly adjustments. Nothing has been mentioned in the Guidelines in terms of other pending quarterly adjustments i.e. 2 & 3rd quarters for the FY 2022-23. The Authority, therefore, has decided to allow application of 1st quarterly adjustment of FY2022-23 ranging from Rs1.4874 to Rs4.4547/kWh for different consumer categories, except life line consumers, based on the consumption of February 2023 and March 2023, to be recovered from the consumers of K-Electric in months of October and November 2023 respectively.
Regarding, quarterly adjustment for the FY 2022-23 i.e. Rs.0.4689/unit, the Authority would process the same or any other such pending adjustment (3rd Quarter of FY2022-23), once the policy guidelines clearly stipulates for such quarters, which are pending recovery from KE consumers, prior to the formulation of policy guidelines.
As per the decision, the tariff has been increased by Rs 1.4874/unit for the consumers using up to 300 units per month, Rs 3.2116/unit for the consumers using from 301 units to 700 and above units, and Rs 4.4547/unit for the consumers using above 5 KW and above consumers.
Regarding request of the federal government to issue a separate SoT for application of quarterly adjustment of FY2022-23, the Authority has decided to issue a separate SoT, to be applicable for the months of October & November 2023, on the consumption of February 2023 and March 2023 respectively on consumers of K-Electric. The amount so allowed shall be accounted for by K-Electric in its subsidy claims. The federal government is also requested to adjust this amount while processing the subsidy claims of K-Electric, said the decision.

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